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Korean Accounting Review (KAR) is the official journal of the Korean Accounting Association. The Korean Accounting Association (KAA) is the largest and oldest academic organization of accounting scholars and practitioners in Korea. It aims to create a fertile environment for innovation and collaborative research, to foster and improve research for the development and the promotion of accounting, and to develop a powerful network among scholars, practitioners, and authorities concerned with political decision making in this field.

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Current Issue
The Effect of CEO Career Horizon on Voluntary Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Disclosure Decisions

Kyeongheum Ra

48(6) 1-27, 2023


The Effect of Market Competition on Executive Pay Cap

Sohee Park , Jae Yong Shin

48(6) 29-51, 2023


The Effect of CEO Turnover on the Corporate Risk and the Effect of CEO Tenure on the Relationship
경영자 교체가 기업의 위험에 미치는 영향 및 경영자의 임기가 이들 관계에 미치는 영향

신유진 Yoojin Shin , 김정옥 Jeong Ok Kim

48(6) 53-88, 2023


Has the Market Response to Earnings Announcements Increased in the Korean Capital Market?
한국에서 이익 공시에 대한 시장반응은 증가하였는가?

나현종 Hyun Jong Na

48(6) 89-120, 2023


Auditors’ Audit Adjustment Decisions and Financial Reporting Quality: Comparative Analysis on Pre- and Post-Audit Financial Information
외부감사인의 감사조정 결정과 회계품질: 감사 전·후 재무제표 비교를 통한 실증분석

백복현 Bok Baik , 한승엽 Seung-youb Han , 김우진 Woojin Kim , 이찬석 Chanseok Lee

48(6) 121-162, 2023


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