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Article Submission and Publication Fees

The editorial office will decide whether to send a submitted paper out for an external review. If a paper is desk rejected without being sent out for review, authors are not required to pay any fees. However, we charge a submission fee of US$100 for a paper that goes through the formal review process. We will soon let you know after a submission is completed through our online system. If you receive an email asking you to pay a submission fee because your paper is eligible for review, you are required to make the overseas remittance using the information included in the email.

All the bank charges relevant to the submission fee transfer including foreign fees must be paid by author(s). Please let us know your remittance information by emailing us at karedit@daum.net as soon as the submission fee is paid, so that we can promptly proceed with the external review process.

If your paper is accepted, publication fees will be billed to defray the costs of publication. It is US$200 (₩200,000 KRW) up to 20 pages and additional US$10 (₩10,000 KRW) for each additional page. Title page, abstract, references, figures, legends, and tables are included in the total page count. There is no charge for Supplemental Data, which is posted online only.

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